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I was born in Belarus and came to the US as a precocious 5 year old. Just as I was learning to read, my language changed. We - my parents, grandparents, and I - were all suddenly learning English together and I became our family's unofficial translator. 


Translation is actually a good metaphor for what I do. As a consultant and coach I help translate vision into reality. I've gotten good at reading between the lines and helping organizations tell their stories. Today’s marketplace is saturated with causes vying for attention so telling authentic, compelling stories is that much more important. As a creative and a storyteller, I articulate what is at the heart of great organizations to help teams mobilize towards their goals. I listen for what is unique about an organization and partner to create branding and organizational strategy that inspire community involvement and support. 


When I join a team, I try to bring the full force of a creative agency even though we don't have the budget to pay top dollar. I take pride in being thrifty and collaborative and am honored to be trusted to tell my clients' powerful stories. My projects have ranged from facilitating leadership programs to building brands with individuals and organizations. I've also served as an interim director helping to pilot new programs and worked with executive directors to create roadmaps for organizational change.


I admire people who strive for alignment between their lives and their work and am always looking for ways to make a meaningful contribution to the world. If you have an idea of what we could do together, I'd love to hear it...


Alex Elegudin, Co-Founder

Lily has been the cornerstone and inspiration of our organization's branding. Taking our expansive and rather complicated supportive program structure and turning it into a cohesive, palatable message has been vital for our messaging to current and prospective supporters.


She has provided clear guidance on marketing strategy and direction, while also playing an important role in creating deliverables and resources.


Thank you, Lily!

Wheeling Forward, Wine on Wheels

New York City

Rabbi Yona Margolese, Principal

TDS have recently embarked on our second project with Lily in a relatively short period of time. We were so impressed with her professionalism and flexibility that we knew that we had found someone who could truly help the school. Lily is adept at asking exactly the right questions to help us think through our goals and how to achieve them. Her easy-going demeanor and high expectations make for the perfect balance. I would recommend Lily for any organization that is looking to grow and leverage her understanding of systems to help you accomplish ambitious goals.

Torah Day School of Seattle

Alon Dotan, Israeli Educator

Lily, what can I say about you?

You are creative - out of this world creative! You never rest and work hard constantly thinking about how to improve. You analyze processes as you go, so you have a lot of important insight while you are doing what you are doing. You are very sensitive to the people around you and catch the essence of a person very quickly. People follow you because they trust you and know that you always see the good of the person in front of you first. You are dedicated to the goal but you never forget the importance of the way to lead to that goal. I’m proud to call you my friend.

Jewish Agency for Israel

Beersheva, Montreal

I asked a few people I respect to share thoughts about our work together

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